Virtual Home Office Assessments: COVID- 19

BRS Consulting provides tailored Home Office Assessments to ensure workers are set up safely when working from home (WFH).

With the development of COVID -19, more and more people are working from home due to the social distancing advice and restrictions. It will be more challenging for employers to ensure the safety and welfare of their workers when they are working from home.

BRS Consulting is now providing a trouble shooting/video conferencing service using our Home Office Assessment checklists instead of our usual face to face assessments. This service can be tailored to your company’s requirements and can simply be a brief videoconference to trouble shoot a particular issue or can be a more comprehensive assessment for staff experiencing pain or problems with their work set up.

It is essential that workers are set up ergonomically and implement safe work techniques to ensure prevention of injury and for them to be focussed and productive with work. Employers have the responsibility to provide a safe workplace for their staff working in the office and from home under the WHS Act. It is very easy for workers to slip into bad habits such as working on the laptop in bed or on the couch with poor postures. As WFH could potentially be a protracted arrangement with the recent COVID-19 developments, it is essential that workers are educated on the importance of safe work postures and ensuring the work set up is as ergonomic as possible.

Virtual Home Office Assessments: COVID- 19

Safe Workplaces

Helping to design workplaces to reduce workplace injury

Risk Assessments and Preparing your Workplace with Covid-19

  • BRS Consulting provides WHS Risk Assessments to ensure your business implements the appropriate procedures and plan for a safe return to work/transition of your workers following shutdown due to Covid-19 and to ensure you are providing a safe workplace in line with Safe Work Australia, WHS Act 2011, and Commonwealth and State Authorities’ guidelines.
  • It is essential that businesses are well prepared and are ready for the social distancing and rigorous cleaning/hygiene measures required to create a Covid-19 safe workplace
  • Our WHS consultants will undertake a Risk Assessment of your office to identify any potential hazards in relation to Covid-19, we can review your proposed Covid-19 plans for preparation of reopening your business and can provide tailored advice and a comprehensive report on risks identified, gap areas and control measures to minimise and manage the risks.