BRS Consulting delivers the following return to work and case management services:

  • Return to Work Programs / Case Management
  • Job Analysis / Job Modification
  • Vocational and Psychological Counselling
  • Job Seeking Assistance

Return to Work Programs / Case Management

  • Pro-active management and monitoring of injured employee on a RTW plan or rehabilitation programme to ensure the goals are achieved.
  • Structured case conferencing of high risk cases to identify and address barriers to recovery, and to promote collaborative problem solving.
  • Timely and regular contact with all parties (employee, supervisor, treating practitioners, case manager) throughout the duration of the case.

Job Analysis / Job Modification

  • On-site analysis of the components of the pre-injury and/or suitable duties, workstation and work environment eg. An analysis of tasks, skills, environment.

Vocational and Psychological Counselling

  • Adjustment to injury/disability, assertiveness skills, general counselling (eg: depression/anxiety disorders), counselling to identify job options.

Job Seeking Assistance

  • Job seeking assistance to assist workers obtain the skills to job seek independently and secure meaningful employment, including resume and application writing, goal setting and interview skills.
Return to Work Programs

Safe Workplaces

Helping to design workplaces to reduce workplace injury