BRS Consulting, Sydney can assist with your organisation’s manual handling training and ergonomic training needs and with ensuring a safe and healthy workplace. Our experienced team of trainers are physiotherapists with Cert IV qualifications in Workplace Assessment and Training.

Training packages are specifically tailored to suit the needs of the workplace and training programmes are developed to reflect the work practises and work environment.

Training on ergonomics, safe workstation adjustment, Workplace Health and Safety, and manual handling can be provided on site on an individual or group basis.

Training is planned, developed and evaluated in accordance to Certificate IV Workplace and Assessment Training requirements.

Manual Handling Training - Ergonomic Training

Healthy Work Practices and Injury Prevention

BRS Consulting provides information sessions in the workplace on a variety of topics including Healthy Work Practices, Back Care, Safe Work Postures, stretches for the workplace, and the importance of regular exercise, to educate staff and to assist with the prevention of injury and maintenance of health and wellbeing.

Our trainers are experienced clinical physiotherapists who have a thorough knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics, with extensive experience in the area of workplace rehabilitation and WHS.

Healthy Work Practices and Injury Prevention