BRS Consulting can provide the following injury management / rehabilitation assessments depending on your organisation’s requirements::

  • Initial Rehabilitation Assessment
  • Early Intervention Assessments
  • Workplace Assessment
  • Vocational Assessment
  • Functional Assessments
  • Home Office Assessments
  • Activities of Daily (ADL) /Home Assessments

Initial Rehabilitation Assessment

  • An examination of the history of injury, current medical situation, education, employment history, workplace and duties, use of outcome tools to identify any psycho-social issues or return to work risks, to assist with developing a plan to address the worker’s rehabilitation needs and return to work.
  • Contact with treating practitioners and case conferencing to develop a plan to address the barriers identified, and to allow the employee to remain at or return to work.

Early Intervention Assessments

  • Vital for enabling the workplace to retain the employee’s productivity at work and can often prevent the employee from becoming ill, taking long term sick leave or from needing to submit a worker’s compensation claim.
  • Initial needs assessment to identify employee’s needs, use of outcome tools to identify any psycho-social issues or return to work risks, contact with treating practitioners and case conferencing to develop a plan to address the issues identified and to allow the employee to remain at or return to work.
  • Includes a workstation assessment to ensure an ergonomic set up, safe work postures and safe work practices. Education is provided to the worker to ensure they understand  and implement safe work practices and know how to set up their workstation both for injury prevention and if the situation arises where they move workstations in the future. Handouts can be provided on “Workstation Set Up and Healthy Habits for the Office” , “Sit-Standing Workstation Guidelines“and “2 minute Office Exercises

Workplace Assessment

  • Specialised on-site assessment of the worker’s pre-injury duties and/or potential suitable duties with the same or different employer.
  • Design of return to work plan that is precisely matched to the worker’s functional capacity.

Vocational Assessment

  • Used where an injured person is unable or unlikely to return to their pre-injury employment to identify suitable alternate vocational options.
  • The assessment takes into account the individual’s functional and work capacity, identifies transferable skills and includes an assessment of labour market information.
  • A comprehensive report outlines the person’s vocational options, retraining needs and a labour market analysis.
Injury Management - Vocational Assessments

Functional Assessments

  • Isernhagen Functional Assessment to assist with determining person’s current functional capacity and determine their work potential. A functional capacity assessment can also be used as part of a return to work (RTW) program, to assist with medical upgrades and to help achieve agreed RTW goals.

Home Office Assessments

  • A Home Office Assessment is a combined workstation and WHS Risk Assessment to ensure employees working at home have suitable workstation equipment, correct adjustment of the workstation and a safe working environment. It is essential that factors such as safe access, trip hazards, smoke detectors, First Aid kit and electrical safety are assessed to ensure a safe home office environment.

Activities of Daily Living (ADL)/Home Assessments

  • A comprehensive assessment of the person at home to determine their capacity to complete activities of daily living including personal care, domestic tasks, carer responsibilities. Recommendations are provided in relation to level of personal care or domestic assistance, aids and equipment or modifications  required. Education is given on task modification , pacing and energy conservation techniques as indicated.
  • ADL upgrading programs can be provided to assist the person to gradually return to their activities of daily living under the guidance of an occupational therapist.

Safe Workplaces

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